Crispy Sweet Potato Fries Recipe for You

Many people love to have sweet potato fries because it is a best alternative to regular potato fries. However, some of us feel so disappointed when figure out that this healthy fries just can’t give the best crispiness as what the sweet potato fries give. Crispy sweet potato fries recipe is there to help us get the crispiness we want. Unfortunately, some people think this fries can give them a best crispiness while others say it can’t.

Today, I will share the best crispy sweet potato fries recipe I have tried. This did work so well to my fries. Somehow, the best thing of sweet potato fries is that we can enjoy it with anything we love. I have recipes of this crispy sweet potato by using egg whites or cornstarch. And even use the trick of reducing the moisture when baking sweet potatoes.

Crispy Sweet Potato Fries Recipe – With Egg Whites

There are so many recipes to create the best crispy sweet potato fries. One of those recipes is to use egg whites. And the best thing you could do is to make them as what you want. However, some people found this recipe works so well. And some said it couldn’t give the crispiness they ask. If you wonder the best crispy sweet potato fries recipe which is best for you, you can try it your own. Trial and error is the best teacher of life. This includes the personal taste. You can simply choose one crispy sweet potato fries recipe and try it out.

Those who ever tried to use egg white in their crispy sweet potato fries recipe wonder how egg whites can make the fries look and taste so crispy. I even can’t believe how egg whites make crispy sweet potato fries. I have read an article saying that egg white is the best key in crispy sweet potato fries recipe because it contains lots of protein. The protein is something which will make the sweet potato taste crisp. Just take a look on meringue.

As like I said before, talking about food is talking about personal taste. Some love this way, some don’t. Those who ever tried to use egg whites found that crispy sweet potato fries recipe using egg whites taste better than their usual recipe (no egg whites). Crispy sweet potato fries recipe with egg whites can’t give them the crispiness like the fries they bought but yes, it tastes crispier than the usual recipe. If you like, you can also try to use egg white to your regular white potatoes. Crispy sweet potato fries recipe using egg whites is so easy to do. You only need to beat the egg white and then coat the sweet potato with that before baking it.

Crispy Sweet Potato Fries Recipe with Cornstarch

Another crispy sweet potato fries recipe I have ever tried is using cornstarch. The how-to is so easy. You only need to cut the sweet potatoes in any size you love. You also need to prepare cornstarch, olive oil, salt and black pepper. The easy step to make crispy sweet potato fries recipe is to coat the slices with cornstarch. You need to be sure all sides are covered. Spread the slices on a baking sheet and drizzle the top with olive oil. Just a light coat of oil would be great. And they are ready to bake.

You can also try to mix this crispy sweet potato fries recipe with egg whites. It’s so easy to make. After you cut the potatoes, beat the egg whites and then coat the slices with the egg whites. And after that, sprinkle the cornstarch on top. I haven’t tried this crispy sweet potato fries recipe though.

Someday I search on the internet about using crispy sweet potato recipe which using cornstarch. I have this recipe; that you should dip your sweet potato slices into a mixture of cornstarch and soda. The other key is to also doubly fry the slices. And of course, this way ask you to fry the slices in oil. Crispy sweet potato fries recipe which using soda and cornstarch claimed that it can also give best result even for baking method. For baking method you need to set the temperature at 375 degrees.

Crispy Sweet Potato Fries Recipe – Moisture Reduction

The best key of crispy sweet potato fries recipe that I still use until this day is to reduce the moisture content. The less moisture you have in a potato, the crispier fries you will have. The reason why it is hard to get crispy sweet potato fries is just because they contain much water. It even contains much more water than regular white potatoes. Therefore, pat the slices completely dry before baking them is the best key in crispy sweet potato fries recipe. Or, you can try to dehydrate the slices first before trying to bake them. The size of your cut will also affect on the crispiness. Basically if you have smaller or thinner slices, you will be able to get crispier taste.

Another way you can choose to have crispy sweet potato fries recipe is to soak the slices into cool water for hours. Some recipe asks you to only soak it in water for 2 to 3 hours. But I usually soak it in the water overnight. I prepare the slices, soak them in water and go to bed. Early morning when I wake up, I go straight to my kitchen and ready to bake the slices. It tastes great. And I have the crispiness I love. One article of crispy sweet potato fries recipe in the internet even mentions to let the moist air inside out, so you can get the crispiness.

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